Monday—Research Highlights

Every Monday morning at 4:15AM EST I send an email summarizing my research into a topic. You can access it via RSS or a direct visit if you prefer. Each post will contain a brief explanation of what inspired the research deep dive, 5 short facts, and 4 paragraphs summarizing the highlights of what I learned. I link to my sources as well as one product (for example a longform article) of mine that is relevant. It is accessible to the public.

Wednesday—Short Fiction + Analysis

Every Wednesday morning at 4:15AM EST I send an email with a piece of short fiction (at least one flash fiction piece a month) along with a nonfiction article (~750 words) expanding on a related topic to all paying subscribers, who can access it via RSS or direct link if they prefer.

Each analysis will consist of original research and nonfiction writings about a related topic; the purpose is to educate about something interesting, not just spout off about the underlying themes or meaning of the story.

End of the Month—Notes

Once a month I'll send paid subscribers a link to download a .zip file of a sanitized copy of my notes along with a changelog summarizing what all I've been working on.

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